USFS Temporary Jobs in Ely and NE Minnesota Open for Applications today through Jan. 12

Temporary job openings were posted on today, January 6, 2015, for seasonal jobs with the Superior National Forest in Ely, Aurora, Tofte, Cook, and Grand Marais. The listings will be open for only seven days until January 12th. Most positions will start in late spring or early summer and last 90 to 120 days. People interested in these entry level positions with the Forest Service will want to act quickly.
The positions include: Forestry Technician (Recreation) positions in Ely and Aurora; Customer Service Representatives in Ely and Tofte; Forestry Technician (Fuels) in Cook and Grand Marais;
and a Biological Science Technician (Plants) in Aurora. For more information regarding these positions, go to In a basic search enter ‘Minnesota’ for location and ‘open today. You may search specific jobs using their announcement numbers:
• Forestry Technician (Recreation): 15-TEMP-R90462-4-RECR-DT-RK. For additional information contact Tim Engrav, 218-666-0025.
• Customer Service Representative: 15-TEMP-R9CSR-S9-DT-KR. For additional information contact Becca Manlove, 218-365-2093.
• Forestry Technician (Fuels): 15-TEMP-R90462-5-FUEL-DT-KR. For additional information contact Brianna Schueller, 218-387-3236.
• Biological Science Technician (Plants): 15-0909-9814DP-CW. For additional information contact Jack Greenlee, 218-229-8817.
• Links will also be posted on the Superior National Forest website under Quick Links/Employment. You may also follow the Superior National Forest on Twitter.
Reminder: These announcements close next Tuesday, January 12th

Source: Boundary Waters Blogger