I just finished guiding a great group of three ladies in the Boundary Waters. These women have known each other for years. They were always a little jealous of their husbands’ canoeing trips, and thought this could be their chance. We were out for three days, and enjoyed excellent, sunny weather. We were surprised to see a handful of other women’s groups. It appears that more women are getting turned on to what the wilderness can offer. Some of those young women were part of a youth group out for eleven days (you go, girls!).

My three ladies proved themselves to be very quick learners, taking to the paddling and steering well. We portaged the couple of trails to our destination lake without too much trouble.

Roxanne and Jean had heard stories from their husbands, and put forth a great effort. Jean paddled like a rock star, and Roxanne kept us laughing. Sunn, originally from China, was a champ at carrying packs or the canoe. She kept us engaged with stories of her interesting childhood.

These ladies expressed feelings before the trip like many of our guided trip folks, feeling a little less than confident upon starting but inspired nonetheless. With a great attitude and plenty of teamwork, our group of four succeeded! These women had in mind taking it easy (can’t beat a hammock in the shade!) and seeing what this wilderness area is all about.

This baby loon with its parents put a smile on all of our faces on our afternoon trip…

… as did this late-blooming wild iris we found hiding on a shady shoreline.

Women’s Trips are a great way to get out there, be part of nature, get to know your friends better, meet new people, and find yourself in a new light. We are offering a Women’s Group Trip this September 7-11. This trip is a perfect way to experience the Boundary Waters as comfortably as possible and meet other adventurous women. Cost is a very reasonable $620. More information can be found on our website here. We’d love to have you and your friends come along with us!