When you’re ready to book your trip and reserve your outfitting, we only need two things:

1. Complete our convenient online Reservation Request Form

Click Here to Request a Reservation


You must know your trip entry point and entry date to register your Boundary Waters camping trip. If you do not know your preferred entry point, then complete our Routing Form and we will email you entry point and route options. For workshops and guided group trips, enter the name of the trip for the entry and exit points.

Our guests typically have us reserve their required entry permit by requesting that we do so in the Reservation Request Form. However, it is very important to understand that all BWCAW permits are on a quota system and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Thus, the required entry permit for your preferred entry date and entry point may not be available. Therefore, it is very important that you not schedule your transportation or vacation time until you have received your entry permit confirmation email from Recreation.gov. If you have already reserved your required permit, you will indicate that in the Reservation Request Form.

We have limited bunkhouse lodging available, and you can request bunkhouse lodging in the Reservation Request Form. If bunkhouse lodging is not available for your preferred check-in dates, then we will notify you and you will see that bunkhouse lodging is not shown on your Trip Invoice.

If you would prefer to confirm entry permit and bunkhouse availability before completing the Reservation Request Form, call 218-343-7951.

2. Pay your deposit

We will email a Deposit Invoice when we receive your Reservation Request. Pay conveniently and securely online. Once we receive your deposit, we can reserve your required entry permit (if requested and available) and complete your registration. Your Deposit Invoice includes a link to your online Reservation Summary itemizing your requested outfitting and pricing.

Deposit for Outfitting or Guide Services:  A deposit of $100 per group is required for canoe and equipment rentals, partial outfitting packages, and professionally guided day trips. A deposit of $100 per person is required for complete outfitting packages. A deposit of $200 per person is required for professionally guided custom camping trips. Guided group trips (e.g., Dorothy Molter Experience, Women in Wilderness, Photo Workshop, etc.) require a deposit payment of half the trip price.

Deposit for BWCAW Permit: BWCAW entry permit fees are $16 per adult per trip and $8 per youth per trip. BWCAW permit fees paid when reserving the permit are: (1) the total permit fees for the permit holder and up to three alternate permit holders (or a minimum fee of $32), plus (2) a nonrefundable $6 USFS reservation fee (per permit), plus (3) a nonrefundable $10 permit acquisition fee (per permit) when Ely Outfitting Company reserves your entry permit.

Deposit refund policies are here.

After we receive your Reservation Request Form and deposit, you will receive two emails:

  1. A permit confirmation email from Recreation.gov (if you requested that we reserve your entry permit). Note that we reserve all permits for the minimum allowed group size. The actual group size (up to a max of 9) and number of watercraft (up to a max of 4) is adjusted when the permit is issued at our shop on either the entry date shown on the permit or one day earlier.
  2. A trip registration email that confirms the details of your trip and provides excellent information and checklists to help you prepare for your adventure. This email includes a link to your online Reservation Summary itemizing your trip details, outfitting and pricing.