We covered a lot of ground today – about 23 miles by dogsled and ski.

We are passing through some brushy areas with small trees. The snow collects in these areas and can mean deep, fluffy, difficult to get a dogsled through, conditions. The dogs bottom out in the deep snow and the sled starts to snowplow. However, none of these places slowed us down more than we expected.

The wind has changed from a NW to an easterly gail, and we wonder what change in weather that may mean. The wind of 15-20 mph today dropped our windchills to subzero. The air remained in the teens or low twenties.

We saw more polar bear tracks in the snow today.

We pulled into camp at a little after 6 PM and luckily found a good spot out of the wind.

We are sleeping in 60 below sleeping bags. The photo shows Amy waking up this morning after spending the night cozy in a dogsled bag. Behind her are some of our team waking up after sleepig under the stars.