The dogsledding season is officially underway at Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge. The guides just returned from the first dogsled camping trip of the season. This was no ordinary camping trip. It included the Travel Channel’s luminary, Samantha Brown, her personal stylist, a videographer, a sound guy, a producer, and a runner. We spent much of the trip working up footage for Samantha’s show, Passport to Weekend Getaways (or something like that). We got a good laugh that none of our 8 guides own a TV, and therefore aren’t familiar with it. Samantha assured us, however, that it is a top-rated show. Well, if it isn’t now, it should definitely top the charts after the dogsledding episode. It is set to air in April 2009.
The above photo is of me working on getting my skiing legs back. We Wintergreen guides ski while the participants drive the dog team – after careful instruction from the guides.
There is no rest for us as several guides start another “back to back” trip today.