What is the psychological profile of a typical guide? Guides tend to be friendly, outgoing, interesting, and adventurous sorts.

After watching Chris’ Greenland dog sledding slideshow, we sat back for pics from another guide’s recent travels with the nomadic people of Mongolia. Our youngest guide, Christina, is a Luther College student who did an independent study in Mongolia.

Above is my favorite photo from her trip. She says the man is intensely proud of this horse. Possibly this is similar to the pride we have in the Wintergreen dogs? Though we have 80 dogs, and this fellow probably has only one horse.

Back to Ely: I’m guiding a dog sledding trip that starts today and ends Friday. The forecast for this week calls for HIGHS topping out at about 10 degrees BELOW zero. Maybe I’ll fix my “Northwoods Stacker” for breakfast. I reserve it for days with highs that stay below zero degrees Fahrenheit.