Many years ago, I bushwacked into a no-name lake in the heart of the wilderness.  On my map, the lake had no depth markings, so I didn’t know if enough depth existed to support fish – though it had enough surface area that I sensed it might.  And I decided to trudge in with a fishing pole to answer that question.

As I emerged from the thick underbrush to finally see the hidden waters, I looked to my right and spied a moose leisurely grazing in the shallows.  Nice surprise. 

Then I made three casts that resulted in another fine surprise. 

On the first cast I caught a monster smallmouth bass – one of the largest I’d ever landed.  On the second cast I caught a handsome and beefy northern pike.  I laughed.  “Not bad. Two for two.”  On the third cast, I pulled in a walleye with shoulders like a football player.  I laughed harder.  A true three-for-three Boundary Waters trifecta! 

I’m glad that lake doesn’t have a name.