Guest Blogger: Wilderness Guide Kate Ford.

Spring is slowly creeping its way in. We are seeing lovely, warm, sun-filled days back to back with days of light snow or cold rain. Even with the wavering weather, May is providing the Boundary Waters with enough sun and warmth to coax our leaves out, as proven by these young broad leaf asters. I shot the above photo this week. Broad leaf aster is a low ground cover with other common names: lumberjack’s friend or logger’s toilet paper. It has a unique soft side which makes it a comfortable alternative when nature calls.*

*Note: Sleep easy. Boundary Waters Guide Service provides good ole soft, happy, Charmin-style toilet paper.


  1. Great little post Kate!
    I wasn’t aware of the folk name of the broad leaf aster, though I had noticed the soft underside of the leaves. Nice disclaimer for BWGS…
    I just got back from the very intense (for me) WFR class at Camp Manitou-Wish. Nice setting there for making memories for the young campers. Hope you and your staff are getting ready for making memories for the girl scout campers at your camp. Have a wonder-filled summer!

  2. Northland, congrats on finishing up your WFR training! Thanks for the nice wishes. You, too, have a “wonder-filled” summer guiding sea kayaking trips!

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