In the parking lot at the entry point this week, you couldn’t miss the “Just Married” written across the vehicle’s window.

So, when we met a young couple on the portage, we asked if it was them. Sure enough, they’d spent their honeymoon camping in the boundary waters.

It had been a cold and rainy week that actually set some record cold temps, but you’d never know it by the smiles on their faces.

A marriage that starts with a week-long BWCA canoe camping trip is certainly bound for success. We wish Phillip and Megan Knapp from Carlstad, MN, only the happiest of marriages!

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  1. Good luck Megan and Phillip.
    Sixteen years ago (to the day) I spent my first day in the Boundary Waters and my second day married. There is no better place for a honeymoon! Each year we travel the 1,274 miles to BWCA and the trip always reaffirms the decisions made back then (both to marry and to paddle). Looking forward to our annual trip in two weeks.

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