I know of one tombstone in the BWCA. It identifies the grave of Ella Hall. Over a century ago, the teenage Ella died on the lake that bears her name. I took this photo recently at the grave site.

In the million-acre-plus BWCA it seems there should be more marked grave sites. I would enjoy hearing from anyone with information on other BWCA grave sites and historical info.


  1. I never know there were grave sites in the Boundry Waters.

    That is so interesting!!

    But I guess when you think about it,it makes sense.

    I cant say off hand how long the BWCA has been a protected place,but before that there was alot of activity going on there.

    I never knew there were grave stones there,or at least a few.I bet there are others too,and maybe even some unmarked ones long forgotton.

    This was a really interesting article!!

    Elizabeth in Minnesota

  2. Elizabeth,
    Right, there are lots of unmarked graves in the BWCA. There are Native American cemeteries and individual burial sites through the wilderness. Because of the lack of topsoil here, some graves are mounded up and show as a hump in the woods.

  3. Jason, where on the big island in Ella Hall lake is the grave stone of Ella Hall. I will be at that lake in a few weeks. I am handicapped, don't hike up and down well, would rather know where to look.
    Thanks, Steve.

  4. Steve, the tombstone is on the small island to the east of the large island. Please be respectful.

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