The propane gas industry adds a rotten egg smell to their naturally colorless, odorless, and very explosive propane product. That’s a good start.

However, sometimes that could lead to unsafe confusion. Is that rotten egg smell a dangerous propane leak, or just the Thanksgiving leftovers reminding me of their long-ago demise in the frig?

Alas, some snappy dogsledding guests suggest a stellar and ultimately safer idea: add dog farts to the propane.

The idea arose after our first morning of dogsledding. Our dogs are Canadian Inuit dogs. They eat a special high fat, high energy diet of working dog kibble. It results in especially pungent flatulence. These nice folks picked up on it right away. Then they came up with this brilliant idea!

And, yes, this working dog flatulence is distinct enough that you could never blame a dog fart scented propane leak on, say, your spouse on the couch.

The above pic shows Panda in lead next to Fudgee, thinking: “Was that you?”

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  1. I think you’re giving Panda too much credit for being modest about his bodily functions. I think it is more likely that Fudgee is saying, “Here is how you need to pull, Panda”.
    Panda is probably looking surprised and a bit incredulous that he is being asked to keep a taut tugline!

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