It’s a Wintergreen tradition to buy the dogs soft serve ice cream cones when returning from long trips. This is Daisy enjoying hers after we crossed the border back into the US today.


  1. Nikki, I’m such a softy. Even Lexee dog gets vanilla soft serve from Dairy Queen. 🙂

    Simba, the working dogs of Wintergreen get ice cream only after special long expeditions – maybe once or twice a year.

  2. Thanks,Jason!

    I like the photo of Daisy so much that I have used it in my blog, I hope you don’t mind.With a link to your post.

    You can check it here

    It’s a blog about polar bears, in particular Knut from Bearlin, but also about other bears and animals.I try to retrace a lot of family lines of polar bears in captivity too, that will probably keep me busy for an eternity…:)

    By the way I like what you have written about the black bears too and your photos of the polar bear jail. I am working on a story about one polar bear who had been “guest” there several times.She came then to a zoo in Europe, otherwise she would have been killed.

    I will certainly from time to time visit you here.

    Should you ever see Daisy again,say hello from me


    Simba is my dog who runs officially the blog. She died 8 months ago but I haven’t changed the account settings.

  3. That is one happy dog! Our dogs get a little vanilla when they don't dig massive holes in the yard (rarely).

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