Sitting around our campfire on Disappointment Lake, David asked about the “popcorn tree” behind the tents. What a perfect description! Juneberry trees are covered in spectacular white blooms now. From a distance, they appear to be covered in snow white popcorn.

Juneberry trees are often called “serviceberry trees.” Serviceberry is probably a more appropriate name because the berries won’t mature until July. Maybe I’ll return to this campsite for some serviceberry pancakes then!


  1. Whatever they’re called, what’s a juneberry look or taste like?

    And, “Disappointment Lake” — there’s gotta be a good story behind that name.

  2. Betsy F, watch for a full report on the look and taste of Juneberries in July! 😉 A Juneberry pie can be as good as a blueberry one!

    As for the name “Disappointment Lake,” some mischeivous mapmaker might have wanted to keep this lake all to himself. It’s definitely not disappointing.

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