Small town Independence Day parades across the country reflect the communities that host them. Ely is no different. In the “canoe capitol” of the world at the edge of the BWCA, there must be canoes.

Today the Girl Scout Canoe Base guides portaged canoes in our parade. They even demonstrated, in formation, how to do solo lifts: picking up the canoes and putting them on their shoulders. The crowds responded with raucous applause.


  1. That has to be the best $5 Kate ever spent on an article of clothing in terms of how much use she has had out of it. Go NLCB! I wish someone had a video of them in the parade. I would have loved to see them.

  2. Only kate would wear that dress out in a parade, last time i saw it we were in the Ely bowling alley….ah memories. Also a little jealousy we were never in the parade when I worked at the NLCB!

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