People often ask what we Boundary Waters guides do on our days off. My response is that our days off look a lot like our days on.

For example, Kate and I are in DC visiting friends (it’s the Ely “mud season,” after all). But, you can’t keep us away from getting our paddling fix while around open water.

Today we rented kayaks from a fun place called Jack’s Boathouse in Georgetown. We did a self-guided kayak tour of Washington landmarks from the Potomac River. If you’re in DC and looking for a way to be a way cool tourist, talk to Paul at Jack’s Boathouse and he’ll get you some nice boats at a fair price. They even have some made-in-Minnesota Wenonah canoes.

This photo shows us paddling with friends in front of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.

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  1. Kate really needs a new lifejacket. That one is a bit old and daggy and definitely does not match her altra cool paddle 🙂

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