So, how do we pass our time when not guiding dogsledding trips?

Pond curling, of course! Well, that’s how we spent this afternoon after the dogsledding trips ended. The guides and everybody got together on our own home-made curling ice on the lake behind the lodge. Thanks to all the folks who took the time to shovel and flood the competition surface.

Part of the fun was creating team names. My team name: Special Brown Wax. It’s a bit of an inside joke about skiing through dog poop.

Our competition equipment probably is not up to Intl. Curling Assoc. standards. Our “curling stones” are dog bowls filled with water and frozen with a homemade handle inserted. The brooms are, uh, shop brooms.

Ah, the fun.

Sue Schurke snapped this picture of me sliding the “stone” and Guide Amy Voytilla using the broom.