One of our long-time Wintergreen dogsled guides, Chris Maher, decided to move to where they invented dog sledding: Arctic Greenland.

He moved to Greenland in Spring 2008 and purchased a dog team. Now he spends his fall like the native Inuit people he lives with. He drives his team of Inuit dogs hunting seals by dogsled. This picture shows him with his team and hunting success. He is shouldering a 30-06.

Now it is winter and there is 24/7 darkness at his new home in northeast Greenland. So, he decided to dash back to Ely, Minnesota, for about a month, and spend some time with friends at the Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge.

The guides got together tonight to see Chris’ pictures, hear his stories from life in a foreign culture, pepper him with questions about Greenlandic dog sledding, and wish him our best as he returns to Greenland tomorrow.

Watch this blog for info on Chris’ trek to the North Pole this spring.


  1. Hi Boundary Waters Blogger

    I met Chris in Uummannaq in 2007 and have had some contact with him since. I look forward to reading more of his adventures on your blog.


    Chris Paton

  2. Chris and Jane,
    I’ll let Chris Maher know, and hopefully pass along some updates. I have a great pic of him using a dog team to pull an old jeep out of the dump in Greenland. Not sure if it’s running yet (the Jeep, not the dog team). Also, I’ll fwd your note to him. Cheers, Jason

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