The Ely Winter Festival wrapped up this past weekend, just as I wrapped up a dogsled trip. I made it to see the snow sculptures in Whiteside Park in the afternoon. Come late January every year, large blocks of snow get set up in the park, which professionals and amateurs then sculpt into unique, creative formations. This year was no exception with many artful and original ideas. Some pieces are cold-weather themed, some are not. The snow sculptures will start to melt soon, so if you’re in the Ely area, you will want to make the trip to Whiteside Park soon to see the art before it’s gone. Above is a clever sculpture entitled “A Study in Repitition.” The below photo, from an autobiographically-inspired carver, a piece entitled “Snow Carver Carving.”

By Guest Blogger: Dogsled and Canoe Guide Kate Ford

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  1. Hey Jason, great photos! On behalf of the Ely Winter Festival Board, we thank you for your part in promoting the Festival. 2011 dates are 2/3-13 so we invite everyone to come up north. See those beautiful blue skies in Jason's pictures? That's the gorgeous weather we have in February! Visit for more info.

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