My sourdough starter story begins at Ely’s local radio station – WELY.

When you live in Ely and you’re looking to find something or get rid of something, you call the radio station. Trader Craig is our local peddler supreme. Just give him a call at WELY, and he’ll broadcast your wishes on the Trader Craig show from 9 – 10AM weekdays.

That’s what I did this week. He broadcast my goal: to find a sourdough pancake starter with a good story behind it. It worked. A few minutes after the first broadcast, I received a call from Dave Peterson. Dave grew up at his family’s resort on Basswood Lake near Ely. The federal government bought out his family’s resort, and dismantled it, as they created the BWCA.

Dave’s sourdough story is better than I ever expected. The sourdough starter, and its story, goes back over a hundred years.


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