Editor’s note: Guest blogger Jessica Fuller provided this entry. Jessica is from North Carolina and ventured into the BWCA with Guide Kate Ford.

In North Carolina, a dusting of snow means closed roads, cancelled classes and empty toilet paper aisles. In North Minnesota, it simply means it’s time for a trip to the Boundary Waters.

Kate and I began our trip through Lake One and Two with overcast skies and extra layers, but by evening’s end, we were sitting comfortably under a star filled sky making s’mores. The morning brought sunshine as well as my first canoe portage – a bit shaky, but no harm done to the boat, nor flora, fauna or Ford (Kate, that is).

I reflected with Kate that the North Woods is the kind of place to remember when life seems hectic. When I am back in NC, it will be nice to know that the loons are still calling, the beavers are still building, the water is still flowing and the trees are still reaching their spring buds to the sky. Thanks to Kate and Jason for a wonderful adventure! I’ll be back!

This photo shows Jessica portaging a canoe for the first time.

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