With some advanced planning, you can be sleeping in the Boundary Waters under your choice of a full moon or a new moon.  
A full moon provides perfect light for night paddling and other nighttime activities.  The moon rays cast shadows across the rocks, and the beams shimmer off the lakes.  Such a setting may inspire you to howl at the moon, and listen for what howls back. 

Plan a trip around a new moon to see a purely starlit sky with views of bright constellations and the spectacular Milky Way!

Full – May 5
New – May 20

Full – June 4
New – June 19

Full – July 3
New – July 18

Full – Aug. 1 and 31
New – Aug 17

Full – Sept. 29
New – Sept. 15

Full – Oct 29
New – Oct 15

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  1. Dang nabbit, we are going to miss the full moon. Guess we will have to schedule another trip when our whole family can experience the beauty of the night light 🙂

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