Fishing Licenses Available Again

As of this morning, the Minnesota government is back up and running. Fishing licenses are for sale again, both online and in person. Perfect time to plan your Boundary Waters vacation and do a little (or a lot!) of fishing!

Another Successful Women’s Guided Canoe Trip in the Boundary Waters

I just finished guiding a great group of three ladies in the Boundary Waters. These women have known each other for years. They were always a little jealous of their husbands’ canoeing trips, and thought this could be their chance. We were out for three days, and enjoyed excellent, sunny weather. We were surprised to…


Newest Book on Dorothy Molter

The authors behind the latest book on Dorothy Molter, the Root Beer Lady of Knife Lake in the BWCAW, are having a Book Release and Signing Party at the Dorothy Molter Museum. Come on out this Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Kids and Watercolor in the Boundary Waters

Josie (age 10, from Wisconsin), painted these pictures while on a BWCA canoe trip this week with her younger brother and parents. Her savvy mom packed along a backpacking style watercolor kit for her kids. Sure enough, they found plenty of subjects to paint.  The above Bald Eagle perched contently at the top of a…


Dragonflies Emerging From Fourtown Lake in the BWCAW

One of the great things about late spring and early summer in the Boundary Waters is the overwhelming sign of new life.  It seems everywhere you look there are birds on nests or with young in tow, flowers cover the forest floor, and insects such as these dragonflies are emerging to a new life of…


Turtles are Venturing into BWCA Campsites to Lay Eggs Now

We found this snapping turtle in a BWCAW campsite on the Kawishiwi River recently.  The snapping turtles and painted turtles are venturing onto land right now to dig holes and lay their eggs.  We were surprised to see that this turtle had selected the area immediately adjacent to the campfire grate for its place to…


Father and Son Boundary Waters Canoe Trip

I spent a week in the BWCAW with Gary and his 18-year-old son, Blake, this month.  As a young Boy Scout in 1970, Gary traveled the Boundary Waters.  His youthful canoe trip experience really left a life-long impression on him.  He wanted his son to have a similar opportunity to explore the wilderness as a…


“Northern Exposure” in Real Life: Moose in Ely

Many might remember television’s Northern Exposure, with its wandering moose in the opening credits. Ely has its own moose, seen earlier this week walking the streets of downtown.  The yellowish sign in the background with the arched lettering is Britton’s Cafe on Chapman Street in downtown.  Photo by Amy Kireta.